Visitación Díaz

Visi graduated Business and Economical Sciences from Universidad Complutense de Madrid, specializing in Finances. She had been working in the Financial Area of Banco Santander over 30 years, until June 2016, holding the position of Directive and Consultant of Sending Companies. She has a vast experience in National and International Capital Markets, particularly in fixed income and structured products.

Her duties encompassed the development of anual budgets, documentation, fundraising through Investment Banks engagement, and supervisión and participation of multidisciplinary teams such as Auditors, Legal Consulting, Supervising Organisms, Service Suppliers, Risk Area and Accounting. Always ensuring máximum efficacy and minimum cost for the company.

Her expertise is also the result of attending continuous learning programmes and trainings taught by prestigious institutions such as IESE Business School and Wharton (CDP, Strategic Finance in Banking Programme), which provided a deep technical knowledge on Finances and Capital Markets. She also took part in the SUPERA programme, along with other women working as Directives in Banco Santander. She volunteered in Exit Fundation and the Corporate Social Responsibility programme.

Passionated about doing things properly, organization and planification, showing initiative for the analysis of problems to ensure a posterior effective resolution. She aims to support other women in order to achieve a more just and fair society with equal opportunities for everyone. Visi firmly believes this is the way forward to achieve the optimum performance for any company.