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The PWN Global membership base is home to some incredible thought leaders who are experts in their fields - that includes YOU! Our philosophy of sharing and supporting one another to develop professionally means that we love it when our members share their knowledge via short learning videos, editorial pieces or even research results - it is also a really effective way to leverage visibility for you and your business.

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  • The Power of Building the Right Relationships and Networks

    Cooperation with people in open supportive relationships is the way of the future. Being overly autonomous, independent, competitive, and action-oriented creates an environment of isolation, power mongering, and self-centeredness. The competitive, overly-individualized cultures we live in encourages hierarchy and aggression. Many people who are successful in business realize this and have begun to base their work on collaboration and relationship building. 

    We now must move to a model of working and building successful business that includes compassion and concern for others in a non-competitive, inclusive, relational way. This involves building relationships that have meaning and benefit all parties.  There is an art to doing this. When we build these qualities into our day to day life and add in the gift of valuing clear communication the results often lead to great satisfaction and success in business and life.

    Join Maureen for an hour learning and personal reflection on specific ways you can improve and grow your relationships and network in a collaborative way.

    Specific take always available to you include:

    • A chance to look at your own personal style of relationship building and networking to gain awareness of what is working and what can be improved.
    • New and innovative skill sets to support you to build relationships and to collaborate
    • The opportunity to set new clear intentions in the area of relationship building and networking that are inclusive and dynamic and lead to increased satisfaction and success
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  • Judgement: Don't Fear It, Leverage It!

    First webinar in our series of 'Thriving in the Digital Era'.

    Women in particular tend to hold back on their dreams for fear of judgement. In this webinar, Susie Ramroop will help you to distinguish between the two main types of judgement, how to free yourself from the fear of it, and how to make decisions quickly to ensure you are shaping your future and clearing the path towards it.

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  • Jumpstart to Success!

    What a great way to kickstart the year! Daniela Ullmann will motivate us all by sharing her secrets on how healthy lifestyle decisions have a positive impact on your health, well-being and success. Her mission in life is to empower women to lead to a happy, healthy and successful life. In this session, Daniela covers three topics: Fitness, Nutrition and Mindset. Great, simple and pragmatic tools to get your year off to the best start?  Want to be part of that? 

    Exceptionally, this video is being made available to everyone - you don't even need to be a member! 

    Check out the full recording here. Want access to all of the other sessions? They are free to PWN Members via our Webinar Library. Not a member? Join today!

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  • Holiday Party: Opportunity for Visibility

    This webinar is designed to help you understand how you can use holiday parties to amp your visibility.

    Allison Hamilton-Rohe, our personal style expert, will walk us through how to use opportunities like holiday parties to amp your visibility within your organization or field.

    You'll learn:

    • Why what you wear can improve your outcomes
    • How your holiday party look helps others get to know you
    • What opportunities like these offer for your visibility

    Great preparation for any social/professional outing. 

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  • Strategies and Practices for Change and Transformation - An Opportunity for Women to Lead the Way

    We live and conduct business in what is now a hyper-connected digital age. The rate of emerging and the evolution of existing technologies, digital or otherwise, will continue to accelerate. Yet when it comes to change the effective practices for delivering it are missing. Change is everyone’s business: the leading and managing of change cannot be an afterthought. It’s in this that women in leadership are perfectly placed to lead the way. This session covers:

    • Why leaders need to develop their own, as well as their teams, change-leadership skills.
    • Why proactive leadership and management of change is critical to success if leaders are to keep up with and respond to constantly shifting internal and external demands.
    • What it takes to actually deliver the incremental outcomes necessary during the transformation journey.
    • Why change strategies, practices and thinking need to be ‘plugged in’ to the heart of every decision made and outcome delivered.

    You’ll come away with a set of strategies and practices you can immediately implement and embed for the ultimate outcome: an educated workforce that’s an ‘asset’ able to take on all future, fast-paced and fast-arriving transformations.

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