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  • New Funding Opportunities For Female Entrepreneurs And How To Approach Them

    18 October

    While any type of funding is worth going after if the criteria matches your company’s goals, an exciting new funding opportunity...

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  • Women Leaders Give Advice On Success, Like 'Freedom With Frames'

    18 October

    After interviewing over 750 CEOs, I firmly believe the quickest fix for our economy is to have more women CEOs. To date only 24...

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  • City female boss quits, chaps sigh relief. The old system grinds on | Stefan Stern | Opinion

    18 October

    W hich senior business leader tweeted these words just over a month ago? “We need a new operating system for the world – to move...

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Latest research

  • Big law firms have been an 'old boys club' forever, and new data shows they haven't budged in over a decade

    Made in NYC Stock quotes by finanzen.net Big law firms have been an 'old boys club' forever, and new data shows they haven't...

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  • Only 3 physics Nobels in 117 yrs: What still holds women back in science?

    2018 Nobel Prize honours for 3 chemists who harnessed 'power of evolution' One of the 2018 Nobel Prizes in physics went to Donna...

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  • Women’s economic progress is happening but real equality at least a decade way

    Financy co-founder and editor Bianca Hartge-Hazelman shares the latest results from the Financy Women’s Index, measuring...

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